A Walk Down Memory Lane….to the BBQ - Compiled by Jayne Thompson
Jun 26, 2018
As we gear up for our annual Forever Colorado BBQ on July 14th we want to take a moment to celebrate all of the past CCALT BBQ's by sharing photos from each.
Calving on the Flying Diamond - Written by Lauren Johnson
May 30, 2018
Lauren Johnson takes over the CCALT blog to share a series of photos and highlights from the 2018 calving season on her family's Flying Diamond Ranch.
The Inside Looking Out - Written by Chris Herrman
Apr 24, 2018
I have a unique opportunity to have an impact on an organization that I have watched grow from one staff member to nine, and to continue working with landowners and families to conserve their land.
The SUPERBOWL of Conservation - Written by Maggie Hanna
Mar 26, 2018
Given in honor of renowned conservationist Aldo Leopold, the Leopold Conservation Award provides a visible forum where farmers, ranchers and other private landowners are recognized for their leadership in conservation.
12 Wins for CCALT in 2017 that YOU Made Possible - Compiled by Jayne Thompson
Feb 1, 2018
Each year we celebrate a series of "wins" made possible by our generous donors, supporters, partners, and friends.
State of the Land Trust - Written by Erik Glenn
Jan 30, 2018
In 2017, CCALT partnered with eleven ranching families to permanently conserve 55,759 acres. These projects span six counties across the state and protect diverse resources from prairie grasslands to iconic river corridors.

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