12 Wins for CCALT in 2016 that YOU Made Possible - Compiled by Jayne Thompson
Jan 26, 2017
We're celebrating a "win" for each month of the year, and thanking the donors, partners, and supporters who made it all possible. Thank you for a great 2016!
What 500,000 Acres Means to Us - Compiled by Jayne Thompson
Dec 20, 2016
By the end of 2016, the Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust (CCALT) will have conserved more than 500,000 acres of productive farm and ranch land.
What Are You Thankful For? - Compiled by Jayne Thompson
Nov 29, 2016
This month we asked each CCALT staff member to share why they are thankful to work with the wonderful people and beautiful places of Colorado. Every answer and reason was unique. We hope you enjoy them!
Spooky Facts about Agriculture and Land Loss - Compiled by Jayne Thompson & Maggie Hanna
Oct 26, 2016
By the time you finish reading this blog, at least 5 acres of farmland will be lost...
A Summer with CCALT - Written by Jon Byerly and Hannah Oakes
Sep 26, 2016
Summer 2016 was a whirlwind. Luckily for CCALT, we had two extra sets of hands to help us navigate our busiest season.
Creatures of Our Own Histories - Written by Maggie Hanna, Molly Fales, & Molly Fetcher Lotz
Aug 24, 2016
"Here is where my husband and I choose to work, live and love.  Here is my new center of the universe."  

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This is a pivotal time for Colorado. Dramatic changes sweeping across the state are putting our vital agricultural lands, wild open spaces and rugged natural beauty at risk. Preserving Colorado's heritage starts with taking care of our land. Help us keep the Colorado way of life alive for future generations!