The Colorado Cattlemen’s Association Celebrates 150 Years - Compiled by Jayne Thompson
Jun 28, 2017
Few people probably understand the long history and deep roots that the Cattlemen’s Association has in Colorado.
“Stuff That Works” - Written by Jayne Thompson
May 30, 2017
To me, these lyrics are written for life in the West. Particularly ranch life, where you appreciate every good tool and hang on to anything that gets the job done, whether that is a good cow horse or an extra tire for the tractor. 
Women in Agriculture - Compiled by Jayne Thompson
Apr 26, 2017
"The rewards of our ranching lifestyle come in the quiet moments that you share with nature: the calls of the song birds, the glimpse of the shy deer, the beauty of a new born calf, the splendid color palette that appears on a daily basis."
Annual Stewardship Monitoring: What is it? - Written by Jayne Thompson & Megan Knott
Mar 27, 2017
Every year, the CCALT staff monitors every property we have conserved to make sure the terms of the conservation easement are being upheld. That means that 299 properties and over 500,000 acres need to be visited within the year.  Here is an up close look at what goes into...
Something we celebrate but also something that unnecessarily divides us - Written by Erik Glenn
Feb 20, 2017
Culture – something we celebrate but also something that unnecessarily divides us. Since our founding we have been working to bridge cultural gaps and break down barriers that have long existed between the conservation community and the agricultural community.
12 Wins for CCALT in 2016 that YOU Made Possible - Compiled by Jayne Thompson
Jan 26, 2017
We're celebrating a "win" for each month of the year, and thanking the donors, partners, and supporters who made it all possible. Thank you for a great 2016!

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