Colorado Water Law for Landowners - Written by Kent Holsinger, Esq.
Mar 29, 2016
Colorado has long been at the forefront of water issues in the West.  As a headwaters state (no water flows into its boundaries), Colorado is a party to no fewer than 14 interstate compacts and U.S. Supreme Court decrees governing water use.   
Calving in Colorado - Written by Jayne Thompson
Feb 29, 2016
It may not be spring yet, but as the days warm and the sun sets later in the evening, ranchers across Colorado are preparing for calving season. Ranching is usually known as a 24/7 occupation, and calving season is likely the epitome of that statement. 
“If You Eat, You’re Part of Agriculture” - Written by Maggie Hanna
Jan 28, 2016
When tillage begins, other arts follow. The farmers [and ranchers], therefore, are the founders of human civilization. -Daniel Webster
Being Thankful - Written by Jayne Thompson
Nov 16, 2015
Our “table” has never been more abundant. This year we reached significant milestones, highlighted longtime friendships, and collected new supporters all along the way.
Conservation Cowboy: Meet Jay Fetcher - Written by Jayne Thompson
Oct 26, 2015
Recently, Jay Fetcher was re-appointed to the CCALT Board of Directors after an eight year hiatus. Below is an interview I did with Jay last week to celebrate his return.   

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