Thank You For Attending – Written By Erik Glenn

Thank you! I want to thank you for joining CCALT at Prairie Canyon Ranch on July 14th for our 2018 Forever Colorado BBQ. I hope you enjoyed the event. I am certain that we could not have asked for a more beautiful place to celebrate ranchland conservation, or for a better community of people to share it with. 

Every year after the Forever Colorado BBQ, I find myself reflecting on this work and the community of people that support it. CCALT would not exist without so many people making it so, and while I do believe that our landscapes and our projects make our work unique, I know that ultimately it is the people involved that set us apart. 

Thank you for sharing a wonderful experience with us at Prairie Canyon Ranch, and on behalf of our entire staff and board of directors, thank you for being willing to support this work so that the next generation of Coloradans can know these important places. Below are several pictures from the evening. I hope you enjoy looking through the images as much as I did, and we’ll post additional photos as they come in. 

Thanks again for your support. We look forward to sharing many more conservation successes with you in the months and years to come and we hope you’ll join us at next year’s Forever Colorado BBQ.  

Forever Colorado,

Erik L. Glenn
Executive Director