Celebrating Colorado Agriculture with the Community Ag Alliance

Ranching is a labor of love, driven by hard work, optimism, and a deep respect for the land. In Colorado, farmers and ranchers can face long winters, harsh droughts, and growing development pressure. Despite these hardships and many other obstacles, agriculture remains one of Colorado’s largest industries. In honor of the individuals who have dedicated their lives to stewarding our natural landscapes and producing food and fiber for our local communities, the Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust (CCALT) and the Community Agricultural Alliance are taking the month of March to celebrate agriculture.

CCALT is thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce the Community Ag Alliance to our network! Since merging with the Yampa Valley Land Trust in 2019, CCALT has worked alongside the Ag Alliance to provide landowners with a variety of tools to support their agricultural operations and the continuation of agriculture production in our communities, and specifically in northwest Colorado.

A little about the Community Ag Alliance….

Local food systems play a key role in perpetuating agricultural production in our state. Connecting people to agriculture through stories and products is critical to ensuring the future of farming and ranching in Colorado. The Ag Alliance is a champion for local agricultural producers, and in recent years has led the charge to create a sustainable local foods system for northwest Colorado. Most notably, the Ag Alliance has opened a centralized marketplace in Steamboat Springs for the sale of locally produced goods. This local food system not only allows for the distribution and consumption of local products, it provides an avenue for producers to diversify and strengthen their operations against an ever fluctuating market. Growing, processing, and distributing food locally creates and sustains community-based jobs in rural economies and protects the sense of place that define our rural communities.

How CCALT and the Ag Alliance work together…

Both CCALT and the Ag Alliance provide tools and opportunities for landowners. Through our partnership, CCALT and the Ag Alliance bring more awareness to the importance of Colorado agriculture and amplify the message that working lands and open space benefit us all! In addition, many CCALT landowners in northwest Colorado rely on the Ag Alliance to market and sell their agricultural products.

How you can get involved…

To learn more about the Ag Alliance or become a member, click here. To purchase local agricultural products sold at the Ag Alliance, click here.

Farming and ranching underscore a legacy of sustainability that supplies the food and fiber that sustain us, and support the natural resources, wildlife habitat, and scenic values that make Colorado such a wonderful place to live. CCALT’s landowner partners make a commitment to be a steward of the land in perpetuity, and as an organization we couldn’t be more thrilled to know that they have partners like the Ag Alliance on their side.

Photo Credit: DJ Glisson