Generational Southeastern Colorado UE and Iron Springs Ranches – CONSERVED

A new 27,340 acre conservation easement spans
two one-hundred year old ranches

Media Contact: Maggie Hanna,, 720.557.8266

Photo credit: Hall family

March 2, 2023

The Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust (CCALT) is proud to have partnered with Walter (Monk) and Lynda Hall and Gary and Havilah Hall to conserve the UE and the Iron Springs Ranches of Delhi, Colorado under the Delhi Ranch Conservation Easement. The Hall Family, guided by Monk’s grandparents, Charles and Laura Hall, arrived in Delhi in 1916 and never looked back. Charles and Laura who arrived as homesteaders were followed by Lloyd and Edith Hall, Walter and Lynda Hall, Gary and Havilah Hall, with the fifth generation of the ranch represented in Gary and Havilah’s children.

“When we first considered the conservation easement my motivation was to give us a chance to keep the ranch that has been in our family for over 100 years for another 100 years. But now that it is a reality, I am so excited to know that the land our family has loved for over a century will never be subdivided as so many of the beautiful Colorado ranches have been,” Monk Hall shared.

The Delhi Ranch Conservation Easement consists of approximately 27,340-acres of land and spans two separate ranches: UE Ranch and the Iron Springs Ranch. Within 25 miles of the Property there are 15 existing conservation easements, that protect approximately 303,000 acres of private lands. This immense conservation effort is supplemented by large tracts of land owned and operated by Federal and State entities. The Delhi Ranch is set within the expansive native shortgrass prairie of the Great Plains, with canyons and bluffs throughout. The Ranches grant travelers of US Highway 350 with unobstructed views of Timpas Creek, the open prairie, canyon systems, and bluffs for nearly 15 miles. The undeveloped nature of the Property also provides the public with an opportunity to experience portions of the historic Santa Fe Trail which bisects the Property.

“Prime working agricultural lands in Southeastern Colorado are home to vital native prairie grasslands. The area is also increasingly at risk from developmental pressures,” said Clint Evans, NRCS State Conservationist in Colorado. “Native grasslands are critical because once land has been cultivated, the full diversity of its habitats is difficult to re-establish. Many species of statewide importance depend on native grasslands for their survival. Colorado has lost nearly 50% of its native prairie grasslands, so conserving the Delhi Ranch through our Agricultural Conservation Easement Program is a perfect fit.”

Photo credit: Hall family

The Halls operate a significant cattle operation, grazing on the now conserved lands of UE and Iron Springs Ranches, as well as state, and federal land leases. In addition to cattle, the Ranches support a horse breeding and training program, online premium beef sales (UE LEGACY BEEF LLC.), and a notable hunting operation. The Family has worked diligently to improve water distribution throughout the ranch. The livestock water system includes 10 active wells, 39 stock tanks, more than 28 miles of buried water line, and at least 47 stock ponds. Increasing the availability of water across the Ranches allows the operation to utilize more of the available grazing ground, adjust grazing intensity, and improve the access and quality of forage for the Property’s abundant wildlife. On the Great Plains, water distribution ensures the resilience of the land, livestock, wildlife, and the operation at large.

“The Delhi Ranch Conservation Easement is an achievement partners should be incredibly proud of,” said GOCO Executive Director Jackie Miller. “Protecting endangered shortgrass prairie, wildlife, and scenic viewsheds, preserving agricultural heritage, and building of off numerous conservation efforts in the area from years past – this effort will benefit Colorado long into the future. GOCO is honored to have supported this important work.”

“It has been an incredible honor to work with the Hall Family to protect such a historic and intact piece of Colorado,” shared Maggie Hanna, Director of External Relations for CCALT. “There aren’t many opportunities to work on this scale, with a family that has ranched together for more than 100 years, in a region that is deeply committed to the future of ranching.”

JJ Autry, the Southeast Colorado Project Director at The Nature Conservancy and longtime friend shared “the Hall family’s sustainable stewardship practices of the 27,340 acres that make up the UE and Iron Springs Ranches has been crucial to biodiversity. It is an absolute honor to work with the Hall family, CCALT, and other important partners to help protect another piece in this critical intact landscape.”

Funding for this conservation easement was provided by Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Great Outdoors Colorado, and the Gates Family Foundation. Transaction cost assistance was provided by The Nature Conservancy and Great Outdoors Colorado.

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