Getting To Know Amber Pougiales, CCALT’s External Relations Coordinator

Amber Pougiales is the newest member of the Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust (CCALT) team. Amber brings bright energy, a warm smile, and additional love for Colorado open space to CCALT. As External Relations Coordinator, Amber will be directly in charge of planning and facilitating CCALT’s events. For those of you that haven’t met Amber yet, here is a brief introduction on what makes her tick. We hope you enjoy getting to know her! 

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and I’m happy to be living in a place (Denver) where I’m able to still visit my hometown several times a month.  

What is your worst outdoor related injury?
I grew up participating in multiple sports and I spend a great deal of my free time outdoors. Despite this, my worst injuries have always occurred while I have been doing something relatively boring, such as walking. One time I attempted to jump over an irrigation ditch at the head-gate and split my leg open on the concrete. The result was a trip to the hospital, 32 stiches, and a week on crutches. 

A skill that people would be surprised to know you have?
My parents owned The Full Moon Bakery and Café in Steamboat when I was growing up. I spent many hours learning how to knead bread, roll pie crust, and wash dishes there. Although I don’t bake often, people are surprised to know that I can whip up a mighty tasty cake for special occasions. 

What is your favorite thing to do in Colorado?
It’s difficult to choose a favorite activity, but there is little I enjoy more than Aspen trees. Any activity that gets me to the center of an Aspen grove sits high on my list of favorite things to do in Colorado. 

Where did you go to college and what did you study?
I earned my undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Oregon and in December I will receive my master’s in Natural Resource Stewardship from Colorado State University. 

Do you ski or snowboard?
Both! I skied from age two to eight, before deciding to learn how to snowboard. I love spending time on the snow and I now own gear for both sports.   

What is one of your greatest skills?
I attribute what I believe to be one of my greatest skills to the many years that I spent working in the service industry. I believe that I am a wonderful hostess and that I have a great ability to pick up on the moods and needs of individuals in different situations. The kicker is getting someone who is grouchy to have a good time! 

What is the farthest you have ever ran?
65 miles! I hope to someday increase that distance to 100 miles! 

And finally, why do you want to work for CCALT?
Two years ago, I moved back to Colorado after spending nearly eight years in Oregon. Upon my return, I became aware of how much the state had changed in my absence and just how quickly the population was growing. I have seen sprawl happen to communities across the country, resulting in the loss of agricultural lands, heritage, and beauty. I want to be a part of the effort that works to make sure that we never lose the aspects of Colorado that make it so special. 

One of my favorite views in the world is the view motorists get while descending the final corner of Rabbit Ears Pass into the Yampa Valley. My hope is that the Yampa Valley, and that specific view will always be one of open agricultural land.