What are You Thankful for This Year?

2020 has distributed its fair share of challenges to all of us. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the CCALT team decided to take a moment to celebrate what we are thankful for this year. As it turns out, there are plenty of silver linings to be had. Common themes for us were family, place, and purpose. Happy Thanksgiving from our team, to yours!

Erik Glenn – Executive Director: 2020 has been an incredible challenge, but it has also provided opportunities to reset and think differently about our work and lives. In this challenging and tumultuous year, I’m grateful for being able to have spent additional time with my family. I’m also grateful for the support of my colleagues, friends, family, and the entire CCALT community who have each helped me remain optimistic about the future.

Erik, Shelby, Theodore, and Henry Glenn.

Megan Knott – Director of Stewardship: I’m thankful for the incredibly busy year we’ve had at CCALT. With all the stress around the world this year; between COVID-19 and a contentious election, it’s great to have an outlet where our work keeps us busy focusing on what is important – helping ranching families protect their land and legacy. I’m also thankful to live and raise my children on a conserved ranch. We had plenty to do to keep us busy during this strange year of social distancing. 

Ella and Collin Knott on the Knott Ranch

Anne Rogers – Controller: If there has ever been time to contemplate gratitude, it is definitely 2020. I’m so grateful for family this year: my husband Ben, sons Cole and Logan, and our Bernese Mountain Dog Daisy have spent more time together this year than any of us expected, my extended family and friends have found creative ways to connect and be together, whether on web calls, camping, boating or just sitting in our yards; and finally, my CCALT family who have continued to work hard for landowners across the state even as we have been spread across the state ourselves.

Anne and the CCALT team catching up on the golf course

Maggie Hanna – Director of External Relations: 2020 delivered a lot of lessons for me, some fun to learn (how to emcee a successful virtual fundraiser), many were less than fun to learn (how to act on a drought plan). I am grateful for the people and the communities who helped me navigate these lessons, and continue to be grateful for our wide open spaces. I find gratitude in having work of consequence to wake up to every day!  

Navigating the drought in Eastern Colorado

Amber Pougiales – Assistant Director of External Relations: It isn’t often that my globetrotting sister sits still long enough for me to spend six days with her, let alone six months. If there is a silver lining to the overall gloom of 2020, it would be that I got to trudge through it with my lifelong best friend.

Amber and her sister, Camille

Morgan Weinrich – Events and Logistics Manager: Before I started my position at CCALT, I would constantly tell myself that I wanted to be challenged. Well….2020 sure brought a challenge for me! This year, I’m thankful for the opportunity to start a new career path at CCALT. Our work from home atmosphere gave me the opportunity to spend more time with family and close friends, and improve my golf game! I’m thankful to the CCALT Staff for welcoming me with open arms during these strange times.

Morgan teaching the CCALT staff how to golf.

Molly Fales – Director of Conservation Transactions: This year I’m grateful for the arrival of our daughter, Rhea. Our family is having a blast enjoying the outdoors with her and introducing her to ranch life.

Molly and Rhea

Brad Cory – Conservation Manager: I have so much to be thankful for in this unbelievable year.  My family has undergone some huge life transitions and are in good health and high spirits.  Additionally, the vast majority of people in my life are doing better than they were at the start of the year; positive momentum that is far from universal during these tough times.

The Cory family

Jayne Thompson – Director of External Relations: I’m grateful for the time spent with the people that I love, in the place that I love the most. Because of COVID-19, I was able to work remotely from my family’s ranch in Pinedale, Wyoming. My now husband, Max, and I got to help my dad on the ranch nearly every day and have a home cooked meal with my mom each night. Watching my dad teach Max (a Denver kid) how to manage and operate the ranch, and seeing my family get to know Max beyond the regular holiday visit is something I’ll cherish forever. To cap everything off, Max and I got married on the ranch at the end of August – it was the perfect ending to a summer in Pinedale!

Songs around the campfire at Max and Jayne’s wedding