The Line Rider Society

There are many ways to support the Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust (CCALT) – you can make a general donation, a gift of real estate, or even donate an old vehicle! While we hope we’ve been diligent in sharing these different giving vehicles with you (pun intended), we are aware that there is one aspect of giving at CCALT that we haven’t devoted enough time to sharing, and that is our Line Rider Society.

What is a Line Rider?

A Line Rider is a ranch employee who patrols boundaries, turning back stray cattle, repairing fences, and checking conditions. Line Riders keep the group moving and gather missing pieces on a daily basis.

What is CCALT’s Line Rider Society?

The Line Rider Society is a monthly giving community that supports the conservation of Colorado’s working landscapes and western heritage. Line Riders make a minimum donation of $10/month to CCALT. Similar to keeping cattle moving in the right direction on a cattle drive – Line Riders’ support keeps CCALT moving forward.

By giving a little bit each month, Line Riders provide consistent support to CCALT that results in on the ground conservation of Colorado ranchland. Since its founding, the Line Riders Society has raised more than $42,200 for ranchland conservation in Colorado, resulting in the protection of nearly 1,700 acres.

Why Become a Line Rider?

Becoming a Line Rider comes with some exciting perks! As a Line Rider, you receive quarterly updates directly from the Executive Director on CCALT’s most pressing conservation work. You’ll also be the first to know about new Forever Colorado product, like our limited edition Forever Colorado Fishpond hats coming this November!

Join our Line Rider Society TODAY!

For a limited time only, we’re giving folks who sign up to join the Line Rider Society limited edition Forever Colorado Yeti mugs! These tumblers are great for coffee or cocktails, and they are one of a kind! By donating just $10/month (the equivalent of two beers a month), you can help CCALT conserve nearly 5 acres of open space each year, FOREVER.

These mugs are in limited supply, so you’ll want to sign up ASAP! Click here to join CCALT’s Line Rider Society or email Morgan at for more info.