Line Rider Society

The Line Rider Society is a monthly giving community that supports the conservation of Colorado’s working landscapes and western heritage. By giving a little bit every month, Line Riders provide consistent support to CCALT that results in on the ground conservation of Colorado ranchland.

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Since its founding, the Line Riders Society has raised more than $42,200 for ranchland conservation in Colorado, resulting in the protection of nearly 1,700 acres. Each year, Line Riders support CCALT in conserving an additional 300 acres of Colorado open space.


Line Riders receive quarterly updates directly from the Executive Director on CCALT’s most pressing conservation work.

why become a line rider?


I support CCALT with a monthly donation because I was raised on the landscapes of Colorado and want my kids to do the same. Road trips were the norm growing up, accompanied with stories from my Dad about the landscapes we were driving through. My hope is that through conservation efforts like those made by CCALT these stories endure for generations to come and never become just a part of our past.


After spending more than a decade working for land trusts around the nation, I have encountered few organizations that yield results the way that CCALT does – which is why I am confident that my monthly, recurring gift is money well spent. The conservation of working lands is paramount to ensuring the perpetuation of food production, wildlife habitat, rural communities, and the quality of life that defines Colorado, and no one does it better than the Cattlemen’s Land Trust. I am proud to support one of the finest conservation groups out there!


I give monthly to CCALT because I can actually see how my donation is making a positive impact on protecting Colorado’s ranches. As a land broker I often see the changes these ranches go through and the potential risks posed to agriculture, natural resources, and cherished open spaces. And as a pilot I appreciate the perspective of our uninterrupted landscape. CCALT understands how to keep these rural lands intact and working so that the next generation can enjoy the same Colorado we all know and love today.


I donate to CCALT monthly because I care about preserving open spaces. I am fortunate to live in Steamboat Springs and can walk out my front door and see cattle grazing on open pastures. I hope the outdoor experiences I get to enjoy every day and the agricultural heritage that is so much a part of the history of Steamboat Springs are there for my daughters and their children. I believe supporting CCALT is one way to ensure that hope becomes a reality.