The term “gift planning” refers to future charitable gifts made to CCALT that may require planning now. Planned gifts secure the future of CCALT’s work, while providing you with the satisfaction and excitement of knowing that your vision will live on forever. Gift planning can also provide valuable tax benefits and/or income for yourself or others.

Potential benefits of gift planning include:

  • Make a larger charitable gift than you thought possible
  • Increase your current income
  • Pass assets on to your loved ones with reduced tax liability
  • Reduce your income tax and/or avoid capital gains tax
  • Leave a charitable legacy for future generations

Most gift planning requires assistance from a CCALT development staff member and a knowledgeable advisor such as an attorney, financial planner, or CPA. Any donor at any financial level may create a gift plan for CCALT. To learn more about including CCALT in your gift planning, call the CCALT office at 303-225-8677. We are happy to assist you and answer your gift planning questions!

Gift Planning Options:

Donor Advised Funds

Donor Advised Funds work well if you would like to make large single, or periodic donations to CCALT during your lifetime. A Donor Advised Fund works as a charitable investment account with the sole purpose of supporting philanthropic causes you care about. You maintain investment control, and decide when distributions are made. Donations may be income tax deductible.


  • Complete control of investments and timing of distributions
  • Potential Tax deductible donation
  • Grow your donation, tax free
  • Simplified record keeping – you’ll get one tax receipt from your donor advised fund.


One of the most popular and easy ways to support CCALT is to include CCALT in your will or estate upon your death. Bequests are a major source of endowment support for CCALT and can be structured in a number of ways. A bequest can include almost any kind of asset and can be accomplished by creating a new will, updating your present will, or including CCALT in your revocable trust. Once you establish your will or trust and identify the gifts to be made to the land trust, CCALT will receive the gifts per your instructions outlined in your will. A charitable bequest is deductible for federal estate taxes, and there is no limit on the amount of the estate tax charitable deduction your estate can take.


  • Simple to establish
  • Your assets remain in your control during your lifetime
  • Flexible – you can always modify your bequest if your circumstances change.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) is a simple way to transfer property (land, cash, stocks/bonds) to CCCALT upon your passing – while creating an income stream for yourself and your spouse (or others you as your circumstances require) for a period of time – up to your lifetime.


  • Income for yourself and/or your loved ones
  • Asset removed from your estate and potential estate tax liability
  • Potential income tax deduction during your lifetime

Charitable Lead Trust

A Charitable Lead Trust (CLT) provides a way for you to make regular, specified donations to CCALT during your lifetime – allowing you to see the impact your donation makes – while keeping the remaining principal of your asset in your estate to pass on to your heirs.


  • Potential income tax deduction during your lifetime
  • Provides immediate income for CCALT
  • Asset is preserved for your heirs

Gifts of Stock

Gifts of stock can eliminate tax on long-term capital gains and allow donors to receive immediate tax deductions. Stocks, bonds, and securities can be transferred directly to CCALT, and then sold by the land trust for profit. You will be acknowledged for the full amount of sale.


  • Easy to set up
  • No capital gains tax on the securities that you donate
  • Immediate income tax deduction for the fair market value of the securities on the date of transfer

Life Insurance

Gifts of life insurance allow you to make a significant contribution to CCALT by transferring a new or existing life insurance policy to the land trust. The gift will be valued based off of the cash surrender value of the policy, and the annual premium is paid to CCALT for payment on the policy. This payment is tax deductible.


  • Easy and low cost to set up
  • Low financial commitment for large impactful gift
  • Potential income tax deduction

Retirement Plans and IRAs

You can leave a portion of or the entirety of your retirement plan to CCALT. You will continue benefit from your plans during your lifetime. To set up your retirement plan, simply indicate CCALT as the designated beneficiary attached to the plan or through your will or revocable trust.


  • You maintain control during lifetime
  • No income tax liability
  • Asset is removed from estate and potential estate tax liability

CCALT staff can work closely with you and your financial advisor to determine what gift planning vehicle is the best fit for you to meet your personal, financial, and charitable goals. Together, we can leave a legacy of land in Colorado!